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Frankie Knuckles Talks House Music

  Frankie Knuckles helped define the then-revolutionary sound of electronic dance music in the 80s, thanks to marathon, hand-crafted, drum machine-assisted sets at Chicago’s Warehouse and later his own club, the PowerPlant. The Warehouse, of course, lent its name to house music itself, and Knuckles’ illustrious career has earned him the title of Godfather of […]

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Loopmasters Launch Plug In Shop

Are you currently sitting in your bedroom trying to smash out the next big Hot Creations hit?  Well, you wouldn’t be alone.  Recent years have seen a rapid increase in the quality and availability of computer-based digital music creation software and a 1000% increase globally in the value of the digital music market since 2004. With […]

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Weed Prevents Suicide

  ​Marijuana does many magical things, not the least of which is make dubstep listenable. In Los Angeles, we use it pretty much legally for back pain, nausea and hot tubbing. But a new study from Germany says that, in U.S. states like California where marijuana has become medically legit, rates of suicide have gone […]

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Dennis Ferrer On What Happened At Mansion

We told you about South Beach’s Mansion kicking its headliner Dennis Ferrer off the decks mid-set for not playing “commercial enough.” Well, the Opium Group is still unavailable for comment. But Dennis Ferrer has disclosed some more details about the incident on the Deep House Page forums. “Gettin’ taken off decks is quite a sobering and humbling experience and one […]

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On March 13TH EDM Assaults Mainstream With IN THE MIX: DANCEP

In 2011, Swedish House Mafia sold out Madison Square Garden in 10 minutes. David Guetta headlined the Ultra Music Festival in Miami in front of 100,000 ravenous party people. This was the year when Electronic Dance Music (EDM) returned with a vengeance to make its rightful claim as a cultural force and a lifestyle. While […]

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Yachting: WMC Style

​Maritime travel has been uncharacteristically sketchy in 2012. First, the inaugural Holy Ship electro-cruise ran aground in the Bahamas on January 7. It took five tugboats nearly 15 hours to dislodge the MSC Poesia from land, putting a serious damper on Steve Aoki’s poker tournament. Less than a week after the Holy Ship ordeal, the Costa […]

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JFK Painting In 6 Minutes To Skrillex And Nero

Aaron Kizer, notably known for his Steve Jobs speed painting and street art, is at it again; putting paint on an open canvas to the tune of Nero’s Promises (the Skrillex Remix). Kizer, an Owensboro native, typically keeps his audience in suspense as he creates his masterpiece in just minutes, right before your eyes. During […]

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Lecture: Masters At Work Drop Some Knowledge

Their name says it all – Masters At Work. ‘Little’ Louie Vega and Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez celebrate 20 years together, channeling dance music down new paths with their inventive production style and imaginative feel for different musical forms. The two native New Yorkers have amassed an overwhelming body of work including hundreds of original productions […]

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