Botswana In The House!

Botswana’s house DJs are proving to be a force to be reckoned with. Two of the country’s talented disc spinners, DJ Ricky Lamar and female DJ Jam-n-I have been nominated for the Southern African Dj Magazine Award.
The awards are held every year and according to Sizwe (full name please), a representative of SA DJ MAG, the magazine is “committed to delivering an exciting platform that ultimately rewards artists and those directly involved in the production of music.”
Giving insight on the criteria that was used to select the nominees, Sizwe revealed that a total of 17 categories were opened for selection. Once selections were closed at the end of November 2011, “we moved directly to the judging process where the nominated artists were considered in this initial evaluation process.” DJ JAM-N-I has been nominated in the category of Best Female DJ where she competes with six other DJs from South Africa; Zinhle, Lady Lea, C’indo, Ms Pru, Erica Elle and Ms Jones. Ricky Lamar has been nominated for Best Breaking Through DJ with Groove Candi, Ph, Just Mo, Bullistic, King Deetoy and Deep Xcape.
The two are the only Batswana who have been nominated for these awards and despite the excitement, they are still unsure of certain things.

“I am so excited to be nominated for this award and competing with the likes of Zinhle, DJs I look up to, it means a lot to me. However, I am a bit uneasy because I was told by a friend of mine who lives in the UK who sent me a link of the website and I saw my name there.  SA Dj Magazine has not contacted me and I wonder how it’s going to work ,” says Jam-N-I.
Ricky Lamar heard the good news from a friend, “I can remember the day very well, it was on a Wednesday when I found out from a friend and as exciting as it is. I think I would have preferred if SA Dj Magazine told me about the awards so I can ask questions and find out more about these awards.”
This has left many wondering how prestigious these awards are. There is nothing wrong with the awards, insists Sizwe, revealing that, “the process of updating and refining the SA Dj Mag Award has been an ongoing activity since the inception of the awards. It is an evolutionary process, as the awards have to reflect the state of the Southern African recording industry and the changing tastes of consumers.”
He added that they were in discussions with Sun City about the possibilities of hosting the event at the Super Blow arena on the 3rd of March. “We also opened discussions with ZAR management should we fail to secure a deal with Sun City next week and only then can we start contacting the nominees and make arrangements.’’
Voting will close on the 1st of March and the voting number is +2783142102626. To vote one must send the DJ code to the number +2783142102626, Best Female DJ Jam-n-I (BFD7) and (BT5) for Ricky Lamar.

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