Doomsday Shelter Or Fresh Club Idea?


London Mayor Boris Johnson has pledged to support plans to turn disused WW2 air raid shelters into venues, with one south London site being earmarked as a music venue and nightclub.

The project, headed by London entrepreneur Ajit Chambers and his Old London Underground Company, has financial backing to turn scores of London’s forgotten ‘Ghost Stations’ and historic deep level shelters into tourist attractions and boost the local economy.

“My pledge to you is that we will do it if it doesn’t cost a penny of tax payers’ money,” said Boris Johnson in a recently filmed public meeting, adding his support to the 60 MPs and three Lords already in favour and reinforcing plans to get the venue opened in time for the London 2012 Olympics.

The south London site is set to include a 24 hour clubbing space in a network of subterranean tunnels deep beneath the city with Microsoft and Nokia already asking to headline events, promoting the venue on a worldwide scale.

Better still, Mixmag have been invited to name the new venue and will reveal all in the April issue in stores March 15.

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