EDC 2012: House Music Beef With DJ Sneak Plays Out in Steve Angello’s DJ Set


In early spring, a Twitter beef erupted between DJ Sneak, a Chicago house music legend, and Steve Angello, one-third of the DJ supergroup Swedish House Mafia.

Sneak called SHM’s music “fake shit” and said they “do not play house music” — as in, real house music.

On Friday, in front of a huge crowd at Electric Daisy Carnival at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Angello seemed to respond:

The L.A.-based DJ, whose sound is decidedly melodic and trancey compared to Sneak’s thick, funky, bass-line-driven music, played a track that sampled this phrase: “DJ on two turntables.”

During the Twitter spat the Swedish spinner was accused of playing the same sets on different occasions — essentially just pressing “play.” That didn’t seem to be the case last night on the “Cosmic Meadow” stage.

Sneak, of course, is of the school that believes house comes from the American inner city, a product of Latino and African American grooves that you can hear in diva samples and Latin percussion. What he was saying, essentially, was that we don’t need three guys from Sweden who stand around CD players to teach us about house music.

There’s no right or wrong here, however: Angello’s vision of dance music echoes the early days of rave-house, which featured pulsing pianos and hand-raising build-ups. That’s legit. In fact, Angello’s breakout hit was a redux of just one of those songs, Robin S’ “Show Me Love.”

Swedish House Mafia’s performance style — playing only its own hits, remixes and edits — seems to be a thing: Kaskade, David Guetta and other “DJs” do it because audiences expect it.

Anyway, it seemed to us that Mr. Steve was making a statement, playing tracks that sampled the phrases, “Tear the club up” and “Fuckin’ haters.”

At the end of his set, as he handed the decks over to New York progressive house legend Erick Morillo, Angello introduced him as “the guy who taught me how to DJ in clubs.”

Morillo chuckled.

That’s quite a teacher. You want authentic? I’ll match your Puerto Rican DJ (Sneak) with one born in Colombia (Morillo).

Game over?

Sneak, by the way, wasn’t booked for EDC 2012.

2 Responses to “EDC 2012: House Music Beef With DJ Sneak Plays Out in Steve Angello’s DJ Set”

  1. RXFX June 13, 2012 at 6:46 pm #

    I highly doubt Sneak cares about EDC. And yes Steve Angelo doesn’t really DJ. Let’s be honest here the game has changed but no one can deny a real dj set on 2 turntables, two CDJS, using Serato / Tractor whatever… That’s fine and all but when you don’t need to hear the track anymore because the program syncs it for you and tells you the key of the tracks, that leaves out pretty much all the work of a DJ, meaning Disc Jocky or someone that mixes songs by actually listening, beat maching and spending countless hours of testing songs that work together, actually listening instead of looking at a screen that shows you musical key programming and syncs the next song for you, you might as well have two or three or ten people in the dj booth with ya because your gonna get real board since you don’t need to do much.. The programs take a lot of the work and technical skills out. Yes there is a demand for DJs that appciciate this. These DJs that can produce these magic moments behind that decks and real raw moments of House, Tech, Minimal, Rave whatever it might be using there ears and soul and not programs , sync , premixed sets. These moments are real and to many tasteful fans ‘true’ expressions of a working dj… Some would call this an “Art”, but hey then again beuty is only in the eye of the beholder.

    • JoJo Electro Staff June 19, 2012 at 2:29 pm #

      Great post. I learned to dj on vinyl years ago and appreciate the art like nobody’s business. However, sadly, about 99 out of 100 clubbers could care less how much time is spent getting songs in key etc etc. It is now “who has the biggest songs on Beatport”. It isn’t “who can physically deep mix 2-3 songs together for 4 minutes”.