EDM Insider Interview with the Techno Queen Nicole Moudaber


EDM Insider 1. What drew you into the art of DJing and audio production and what really boosted you to start your music career?

Nicole Moudaber – I’ve always been around music, I used to promote parties in London for 5 years and did many international tours with various DJs including DJ Mag UK, agent to Victor Calderone for the world except the US and of course previous to that I was a professional clubber! I heard, read and studied every single DJ, their music, the way they told their own stories… well at least it was a story to me. It was only when I stepped out from the music for a few years that I had to refurbish a house I bought in Ibiza- the only way to go back to music for me was to create.  Perhaps the house launched a creative path for me. I really enjoyed the experience, I opened myself up more from a spiritual sense, I wanted to have that feeling… when I was on a dance-floor and heard a record that moved me and took me places.  I wanted to do that.  Create that feeling. I locked myself in the studio, released a few records and things spiraled from there.

EDM Insider 2. How did you come to be introduced to Carl Cox and soon after start working with him? How has he helped you grow as an artist in the EDM Scene?

Nicole Moudaber – Carl gets sent so much music, but he noticed my promos one day. He began to play them on his radio show Carl Cox Global, a syndicated radio show worldwide.  I got a call from his manager requesting me to open for a small London gig that he was launching a DVD for. I opened up for him for the first time, he heard me live, a few months later I was asked to play Space Ibiza with him. This will be my fourth summer at The Revolution Continues at Space.  I then released music on his label and he supported every release from me, he’s broken many artists in the past, the likes of Laurent Garnier, Josh Wink to name a few, I guess I am one of them too. :)


EDM Insider 3. What are some of the top memorable moments that stand out from your experiences as a DJ who travels the world performing in front of so many different types of people and crowds?

Nicole Moudaber – I love New York, Barcelona and Ibiza. I played a club called Row 14 in Barcelona, it was off the hook! Cielo in NY is quite special, it’s intimate and real music lovers go there to listen to their favorite music. Stereo Montreal is very special too. The club that leaves an impression on me is the people in it.  There are places where you see and feel everyone loving the music, dancing and releasing themselves, as I do. I like the merge that happens in the night, it rings over a few days when it’s special.

EDM Insider 4.  A lot of people label your must as “Sexy, Sleazy House and Techno”. How do you feel about this label and how did you come to develop your particularly unique sound?

 Nicole Moudaber – I was very influenced by US house and also German techno.  Instinctively there’s a combination of those sounds in my music. I would describe my sound as percussive house and techno, it is sexy I guess, it’s got some funk in it too.

EDM Insider 5. How do you differentiate the style of your sound and performance between large festivalssuch as Electric Daisy Carnival, in comparison to your 4th coming residency at Space Ibiza and smaller venues like Cielo NYC?

Nicole Moudaber – I adapt to the size and the type of show I’m performing.  This is where it becomes creative; I can play the deeper side of house all the way to main room techno. This is what I love, the large spectrum of house and in between, I love all styles, they reach me in different ways. I am looking forward to playing in EDC Las Vegas and also the pool party at The Marquee Day Club with Victor Calderone and Danny Tenaglia. I will definitely enjoy playing the ‘housier’ end of my music fit for a pool vibe.

EDM Insider 6. What differences/changes have you noticed in yourself and in your music from the beginning of your DJ/Producer career to the artist that you have developed into today?

Nicole Moudaber – I am constantly evolving and forming my identity.  My sound is always changing yet keeping my groove on :)

EDM Insider 7.  What can we expect from Nicole Moudaber in the upcoming months in regards to new releases and world-wide appearances?

Nicole Moudaber –  I just received the masters of my Drumcode EPs and they sound amazing. A 2 track EP is a collaboration I did with Victor Calderone which is coming out at the end of July and towards the end of September will be my SOLO EP on the label too.  I am currently focusing a lot on original material and preparing to launch MOOD Records towards the end this year.  After my US tour in June, I will head back to play major festivals in Europe namely Awakenings, Tomorrowland, Ultra in Poland to name a few and various club shows around Europe including Cocoon Frankfurt, Rex Paris and more.

EDM Insider – Do you have any special unexpected surprises, perhaps new or unreleased tracks, that will presented in your set at Cielo NYC this Thursday June 7th?

 Nicole Moudaber – Oh yeah, can’t wait to play them out, all freshly squeezed for you.

Oh and she definitely did bring down the house at Cielo New York. Check out the full review of how it went down, here!

Interview by:  Ilenia Cangelosi

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