Will MDMA Be Legalized?


How would this change our society?

There is some crazy research being done at the moment on psychedelic drugs.

MAPS, a drug research company, argue that the government has spent millions on finding health risks for these drugs, and not enough on the health benefits.


MDMA: The path of least resistance

MDMA (essentially pure Ecstacy) is the first drug that they intend on taking through the system. They chose MDMA because it is “gentler, shorter acting, fear-reducing, and has clearly defined therapeutic potential.”

These little shapes do crazy things to your mind.

They are studying the effects of MDMA on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. They feel society will empathize with this cause, so there will be less resistance. War-veterans, past child-abuse victims and more could possibly benefit from the legalization of MDMA. That’s powerful information.

The studies

The pilot study was very promising. 80% of PTSD patients no longer had PTSD after MDMA treatment. Furthermore, these patients had all failed previous attempts at therapy. All studies so far suggest that MDMA is much more affective than any drug on the market right now.

On average, patients kept on track and didn’t relapse. The bad news though, is that MDMA treatment is half as effective after a patient has relapsed.

The studies are in the very early stages right now, but it may lead to a future of legal psychedelics.

MAPS agenda

MAPS intend to take psychedelic drugs through the system one by one. They believe there are overlooked qualities in these drugs. Not only health benefits, but it’s therapeutic, spiritual, and recreational use will have a positive effect.

If they continue to work like this, we may see many of the now-illegal drugs pushed through the system.

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