REAL Pretty Rave Girls Vs. REAL Dancers

By Andrew Morehouse

First, for the ladies.  Pay attention to what happens at the 2:47 mark. Or, if you have the patience, and enjoy watching one of the most bad ass DJ’s in Texas perform, then watch the whole video.

This girl probably had on the least amount of clothing in the entire building. Don’t tell me you wear your underwear around at parties because it’s “comfortable”. If you think having guys like me staring at your assets is comforting, perhaps you should seek therapy. Jus saying. Also, again on the “comfortable” factor, I don’t EVER want to hear a rave participant that is dressed like that complain about her boobs popping, coochie showing, or getting an atomic wedgie while dancing.

All pretty rave girls will herein be referred to as “PRG”.

Examples of what could be considered sexy rave wear.

1. Halter top and jeans, just revealing enough.

2. Handkerchief and phat pants. *drool*

3. Wow, just ….. wow…. I think I need to go to the bathroom for a minute….

Second, for the gentleman. Shuffling is NOT cool. Yeah, the first YouTube video that pops up for shuffling has 25 million views. I thought we went to raves to get AWAY from conforming to society. Shuffling is just a bunch of hypocrites, in my opinion, unless you can change your style of dance without missing a beat, please learn to do so.

Let’s look at some of the forgotten arts.


2. Popping

3. Liquid Pop

4. Tutting

5. House stepping

6. Break dancing

7. Foot gliding

Here is a really good video to compare to the shuffling video. Shufflers and some people who watch them say that it looks like they are “gliding”. In REAL foot gliding, the key is to make your movements liquid like water, not stiff as a board.

If I have offended you in any way, do not take it personally. These videos and pictures are meant to show you if you would like to get better at dancing, or still look sexy while remaining mostly clothed, please research more.

And for those of you who still don’t get it. Stick to head nodding and fist pumping. And eye fucking the DJ, like the do in Europe. :) Unless you’re at an underground club like Z Bau in Nurnberg. :)

Stringers, poi, hula hoopers, and anyone who does not fall in any of the non-dancing categories previously mentioned (shuffling, head nodding, and fist pumping) y’all rock. You have actual talent. 😀

Except Lyssa Lectro. If she can’t find her poi, she might actually learn how to dance. *just kidding Lyssa, I love you*

Thank you. I love you all.

Keep the scene alive!

We are one!

Your house, my house, our house, Morehouse.

You can check out more from Andrew Morehouse here.

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