Rusko Likes Drugs….A Lot


The very first U.S. edition of DJ Mag has just landed, bringing with it a rather telling interview with UK dubstepper Rusko and his penchant for all things, well, drugs. Speaking about the making of his latest album ‘Songs’, the producer told the magazine that the recording process was done under the influence of a variety of substances:

“I made Opium entirely on Promethazine codeine syrup, which basically looks like opium in a bottle. I managed to score a bottle of the real lean 100-percent codeine syrup. The album was very inspired by the drugs I was taking while I was making it. One day I took Rohypnol, the date-rape drug. I date-raped myself, and made a track, Dirty Sexy Money. I’m at this stage now, I’m drinking a bottle of vodka a night, enjoying drugs for what they are, and not being shy about it. This album wouldn’t sound as good as it does if I wasn’t taking a fuck-load of drugs.”

Though it seems that illegal drugs aren’t his only poison of choice, with good old fashioned alcohol also getting a rinse from Rusko whilst on his current U.S. tour.

“I’m very raspy today, after 22 nights of getting pissed up in a row,” he told the magazine. “You know they have the one litre bottles of Grey Goose, the big fat giant ones? I do a whole big one a night. It’s a combination of tolerance and being more fucked up. Every day I wake up more and more hung-over and more and more bruised and tired, so I have to drink more to get myself in the right frame of mind to get back on stage. I’ve been drinking vodka for the last 22 nights in a row, so you build up a tolerance to it. Now I’m just necking it out of the bottle. It does make mornings a little harder, but every night I get more pissed. It’s fun. If I worried about it, I’d be a mess.”

The UK producer also confessed a hate for Deadmau5, following an incident back in 2010 when the Mau5 tried to dob him into security for smoking a spliff backstage at a festival.

“He did definitely try to shop me to security – what a dick!,” Rusko said. “The funny thing was we were in Colorado, which is a legal state. I was outside, with a medical marijuana license in my fucking wallet…Have you ever been to the backstage area of a gig before? They all smell like weed!”

“People have tried to reconcile us. I’m like, ‘Don’t bring that c**t near me.’ It’s still very much on. We haven’t really been in the same room since it happened, until we are put in the same room by accident or whatever, who knows? He might be chilled out; it’s still on for me. Once I hate someone, I hate ‘em forever.”

It will be interesting to see how debaucherous Rusko gets when he heads down to Australia for Parklife in September and October. You can read the full interview with Rusko here.

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