Skrillex Alert: Looks Like Disney Just Got A Little Wub-Wubbier


Looks like Skrillex is gonna be doing more movie-watching this summer than a teenager working a shitty job as a part-time projectionist. Just a week or so after it was announced that ol’ Sonny would be doing the music for the Selena Gomez-starring Harmony Korine flickSpring Breakers, now it looks like the dubstep dreamchaser will be doing the work for a second movie as well. And while Spring Breakers kinda makes sense for the Skrill—we’re sure there’ll be plenty of decadence and action for his high highs and thundering lows to properly soundtrack—the second one is gonna show off some range: 3D computer-animated Disney flick Wreck-It Ralph.

Will Skrillex fit with Disney? Hard to tell—we don’t exactly have a wide back catalogue of dubsteppy Disney scores to draw from. But based on perfunctory research on the flick (courtesy of Wikipedia, natch), it looks like the movie has kind of an old-school video game feel (and plot) to it, so that’ll probably work well with all the sound-effecty layers of a Skrillex production. Can he handle the more tender moments between Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz, who we can only assume is going to be the movie’s love interest, though? Sentimental dubstep…could be the final frontier.

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