Fatboy Slim Makes His Triumphant Return After Conquering Personal Demons


Fatboy Slim is back and better than ever. The troubled performer went through tough times during a battle with alcoholism several years ago, but he made his triumphant return to the limelight atop a giant illuminated octopus at the2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony. In a surprise performance that has the denizens of the Internet buzzing, Fatboy Slim performed his hits “Right Here, Right Now” and “The Rockafeller Skank.” It was a fitting venue for the singer and D.J. to show his fans that he is ready to be taken seriously again.

The musician kept the performance a secret for a whopping eight months before Day 16 of the 2012 Olympics, reported the Argus. After his spectacular appearance onstage on the glowing octopus, Fatboy Slim shared his feelings at being part of something so big, “It was absolutely amazing. It was an honour to represent my country, it was a fantastic atmosphere in the stadium and backstage and I thought the show went really well.” The audience, for their part, seemed to appreciate his efforts.


Fatboy Slim, the celebrity, may seem to have it all, but Norman Cook, the man, has battled demons during his time in the spotlight. In 2009, he sought treatment for alcoholism. NZCityreported that he is “fitter than ever” after beating the disease. Cook said, “I gave up drinking three years ago and I’ve run Brighton Marathon. Everything you do is a lot easier to deal with when you go to bed after a show rather than party for two days.” Whether you call him by his given name or his stage name, Norman Cook should be commended for rising above the dark days to become a serious performer once again.

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