Hotel BPM Is Finally Ready To Let Guests Start Twiddling Its Knobs

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[UPDATE, 9:55am 8/9/12: We learned from the hotel that due to delayed permits, BPM is in fact not open yet, and had to push the opening back to mid-August. Looks like the Front Desk agent we originally spoke to may have been slightly misled.

As for guests with pre-existing reservations, owner DJ Bijal says: “Hotel BPM has been working with a few hoteliers in the area to accommodate BPM guests while we finalize some remaining permits for the official opening.”]

Well, look who finally decided to show up to the party. Actually, come to think of it—we’ve all known about Brooklyn’s music-themed Hotel BPM (and its nifty volume control knobs installed in each room) for quite some time. The only difference is, now the place is actually open.

The hotel began receiving guests for the first time this week, and apparently things have gone well so far, as rooms for tonight and last night were totally booked up.

A little work still remains to be done, of course. As we know, opening months can always be a little rocky for brand new hotels. Especially ones by first-time hoteliers, and where the hotel is way out deep in the coastal nether regions of Brooklyn. But for the adventurous guest, we’d say: give it a whirl.

For those who missed out on awesome $139/night opening special back in May, rates have certainly gone up. A night this month will cost you anywhere from $229-$249/night, though that includes free breakfast and WiFi.

And let’s not forget the hotel’s whole music amenity shtick: make a song request before or upon check-in, and the hotel will try to fit that song into a scheduled playlist that gets broadcast throughout the entire property every day. Not into someone else’s choice of music? Just turn the volume down!

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