Skream Got Wasted At SXSW And Threw A CDJ Into The Crowd



SXSW has come to an end. We’re still pissed off that we couldn’t get out there to party, but we’ve heard some funny stories and watched some funny videos that kind of make up for it. Last week we saw the video of the fat drunken dude who got knocled the f’ out after he started trying to fight everyone around him, and now we’ve just witnessed a pretty hilarious video of Skream giving away one of the CDJ-2000s that he was DJing on after someone cut the sound from his set.

Now we all know that Skream’s never been the most straight edge DJ out there. There were rumours a few years ago from the Warehouse Project that Skream apparently took a hoof of something white that turned out to start with a K rather than a C which lead him to not be able to play his gig and needing to be carried out of the venue. Now I dunno if this is true, but it was doing the rounds in Manchester a few years back. Other promoters have also said that this guy sure does like to party and will make sure that he’s heavily under the influence when performing.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that, the guy’s a DJ and his job is to play the music for everyone else to party to, he’s gonna wanna get a little loose right? But the way Skream acts at the end of this video is kinda weird. It looks like his set gets cut off because it’s gone over its time slot or the sound man’s been told to cut it short, who knows, so in protest Skream grabs one of the CDJ-2000s and throws it out to someone in the crowd. Lucky boy whoever got given that piece of kit! Skream then tries to give the other one out but comes to his senses and probably realises ‘what the frick am I doing?’.

Skream tweeted Boiler Room (who were hosting the party) the day after saying that he’ll pay for anything that was broken/missing, but it turns out that the CDJ-2000 made its way safely back to its owner. People are also saying that Skream tweeted the next day saying that he couldn’t remember spinning one track from the whole set because he was so wasted, but that tweet seems to have been deleted. Check out the video below:



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