13 Year-Old DJ Opens Dance Club In Texas



Yes, you heard that right. 13 year-old entrepreneur Ellisa Freeman, also known as DJ Elle Morgan, of Houston, Texas has just opened a new dance club in the area for teens and tweens ages nine to 15. The dance club, called Elle’s House, is located in an indoor kid’s party place called Pump it Up. Although it was originally met with mixed feelings from skeptical and concerned parents, they have quickly realized that the club is a safe destination for their kids.

Instead of relying on alcohol sales, the venue serves more age appropriate snacks such as pizza, soda, and candy. The club’s rules state that there will be no bad language, no kissing, and no twerking. DJ Elle adds, “Anything that wouldn’t fly at my house is not going to fly here… but it’s been really clean so far. Only PG.”


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