The Blood Rave Is Coming To New York City, Crystal Method Is Headlining



After news of the Blood Rave in Amsterdam swept across social media a few weeks ago, news of an identically inclined blood rave will take place during New York’s Comic Con, featuring electronic music pioneers The Crystal Method as headliners, as well as featuring Pictureplane, The Dance Cartel, A Place Both Wonderful And Strange, and DJ Choyce Hacks.

The party will also include sword fighting, cosplay actors, a chill-out room based on the hyper-modern apartment of Blade villain Deacon Frost, and several secret guests.

Since this is America, fake blood will be used – a proprietary combination that Thump was able to try out first hand last Friday at a press preview.

The party is being put on by BBQ Films, who specialize in “transforming iconic movie scenes into immersive parties.” They’ve recreated the going-out-of-business party from Empire Records, and this latest venture is sure to match expectations.

If you’d like to attend, tickets are available here.

Blade Rave will take place on October 9, 2015 at New York’s Terminal 5. THUMP readers get reduced-cost tickets with the discount code “IMMERSIVECINEMA”.


Source: Thump


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