EDC Las Vegas Announces Vape Village



Ever tried to innocently bring your vaping gear into a festival and been turned away or forced to leave your extra juice at the gate? Many festivals, such as HARD Fest, have concerns over people smuggling other illicit substances in these containers disguised as e-juice, and have all together banned the use of vaporizers. This obviously has created a bit of an uproar amongst the more avid vape users, some boycotting the festival, and even going so far as to make apetition to get them to change it.

Earlier this week Electric Daisy Carnival came up with a way to retain the massive number of attendees that love e-cigs. Instead of banning their use, or having some type of ridiculous drug test at the gate, they decided to dedicate an entire village to the vaping community with name brand vendors providing a wide variety of e-juice flavors. Despite this, they are still banning festival-goers from bringing their own refills, so be sure to leave yours at home and bring a bit of extra cash instead.

Details about this “Vape Village” are still relatively unclear, as the festival has only just announced the presence of the e-juice vendors, however the name “Vape Village” does imply that the area will be of some significant size, so as more details are announced we may see lounges and other vape-themed attractions joining the party.


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