New Infographic Shows How Festival Goers Differ From Normal Fans



With festival season in full swing, marketers and brands are eager to capitalize on the throngs that gather for various festivals seemingly every weekend throughout summer. Not all attendees purchase equally, however: new insights from Nielsen reveal that concertgoers at Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Bonnaroo have unique tastes and distinct spending habits.

“Two festivals may look very similar demographically, but if I’m a brand manager trying to pick a festival I can sponsor to promote my bourbon brand, it would be important for me to know if the Bonnarroo fan or the Coachella fan is a more active bourbon drinker,” explained Nielsen-branded film and music director Matt Yazge. He went on, “And knowing what behaviors these fans engage in when they’re at the festival would help me understand if it’s more important to include a Snapchat Geofilter as part of my activation, or promote a brand hashtag on Instagram.”

Check out the infographic below.


Via: AdWeek


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