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JoJo Electro - About Us
JOJO ELECTRO is a global brand of apparel and merchandise inspired by the late nights, djs, nightclubs, record labels, fashion, and music of the electronic dance music scene worldwide. It isn’t a company dedicated to “electro” music, like some have asked. Our name just happens to have the word “electro” in it. This is by design. The word “electro” means many things to many people, but is generally associated with fun nights out on the town, clubbing with friends, loud music, big bass speakers, house parties, and maybe even visions of your favorite dj. We chose the word “electro” because it means the same thing in every country and it doesn’t need to be translated.

In addition to our own line of apparel and merchandise, our goal has always been to team up with influential people in the global scene and do collaborations with them. We strive to cover all genres of EDM in whatever we do and whomever we do it with. If it’s house, techno, dubstep, drum and bass, trance or even electro, then we hope to be involved somehow. We are passionate about what we do and we hope to create items that have relevance and appeal. Support those who support electronic dance music.


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