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Here’s how it works:

At JOJO ELECTRO, we are striving to create an exciting and global affiliate program for our clothing brand. We don’t want to work with just anybody, however, and we want to personally review people as they contact us and express interest. We are aiming for people in the electronic dance music scene who will best represent our mission and our beliefs in the world of music, fashion, nightlife, clubbing and so forth.


Technically, affiliate marketing is defined as: A marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. Examples include rewards sites, where users are rewarded with cash or gifts, for the completion of an offer, and the referral of others to the site.


That being said, we don’t want to work with just anybody believe it or not. We want to make it more exclusive. We’re looking for tastemakers, djs, house heads, producers, huge EDM fans, club promoters, gogo dancers, and others who share our vision and like the direction we’re going. We have a pretty straightforward compensation plan:

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  • 10% discount code to offer your friends, family, and others.
  • 15% commission on any sales generated from your affiliate link.
  • $1 earned in product earned for every $1 commission you earn.
  • The ability to pay yourself at any time from our website with a “pay me now” button. Other payment options are available as well like check or wire transfer, but you don’t have the ability to pay yourself at any given time. It would be quarterly or when your volume reached $50, whichever came first.



Welcome to the JoJo Electro Affiliate area! Here you can find information about your affiliate link and earnings.

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When you start getting earnings and referrals, information about activity using your affiliate link will show up below:


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Download the ad pack to use our ads on your site.
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Your affiliate link is:


You can also use your JoJo Electro username in the url, like this:
[ilink style=”note” url=””]NOTE: If your username contains a space, like “John Smith” replace the space with: %20.[/ilink]

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How do I add my affiliate link to an image in the JoJo Electro ad pack?

It’s easy! Copy your unique affiliate link:

<a href="[affiliates_url]"><img src="" /></a>
And replace with the location of the image you choose to use from the JoJo Electro ad pack (download in the ‘Copy / Download Ads’ tab).

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How do I add a text link to JoJo Electro that uses my affiliate code?

Copy the code below and place it into a webpage:
<a href="[affiliates_url]">Shop now at JoJo Electro!</a>
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  • Tip: You can change the text Shop now at JoJo Electro! to any other text you like.