#129 Trucker Hat


#129 (one-of-a-kind Trucker Hat)

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This is the first release from the highly anticipated “One & Done” series from Jojo Electro. Each product is hand crafted with recycled material, specifically from recycled magazine pages from DJ Culture and Nightlife Magazines. The recycled material goes through an extensive treatment process transforming it into a durable and tough material that can be cut, molded and sewn. Each “One & Done” product is unique to itself and there is never a duplicate. This particular “Trucker Hat” could quite possibly be the most special of all for the fact that it is our overall first release of a series that looks to stand the test of time. Make sure to check out the detailed pictures on the right for a closer look and the craftsmanship on this item. Once its gone – its done!

Note: These products are very unique and currently nobody else in the world makes this product. So, this is great for the consumer who wants something extremely one-of-a-kind.


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