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Incident With Porn Star Leads To Massive Molly Ring Bust

The details pertaining to one of South Florida’s largest synthetic drug rings ever to exist is finally coming to light. Ending in a bizarre set of circumstances involving a naked porn star and a white Porsche, the two main culprits, Matthew Anich and Jorge Ramon Hernandez, were seemingly straight-edged individuals both with college degrees and […]

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After Ten Years, Pacha New York Is Closing Its Doors

Pacha New York’s tenth anniversary will be bittersweet. The nightlife staple has announced that it is closing its doors for good come January 2016. “The average nightclub lasts 18 months–we lasted 120,” said Pacha New York’s president, Eddie Dean, on the official website blog. “It’s been a wild ride that none of us will ever […]

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Seth Troxler Buys Dave Haslams Record Collection

Remember we told you about former Haçienda DJ Dave Haslam selling his record collection? Well, it’s been sold to Seth Troxler. Dave announced in October that he would be flogging about 4,500 pieces of wax, saying he wanted to get rid of the lot in one go, and the records will soon be in Seth’s […]

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Majestic Casual’s YouTube Account Has Been Terminated

Things just got real up in here. Majestic Casual — perhaps one of the best and greatest sources of chill/ambient/indie music since 2011 — has recently gotten their YouTube account terminated. Details are unclear but YouTube issued a statement saying that they “received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.” However, […]

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Have You Ever Wondered What Ecstasy Looks Like Under A Microscope?

MDMA Crystals with 200x enlargement by Maurice Mikkers It’s true that drugs have a huge amount of cultural meaning, becoming associated with different scenes, sounds, or eras. In the music world, they’ve even led to some of the most iconic trends, albums, and songs to ever grace our ears and hearts. But behind all of […]

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The Worst Boiler Room Sets According To Reddit

The Boiler Room series is world renown for it’s intimate spaces filled to the brim with an audience standing right behind the DJ. But with all good things, there are always a few sour apples that leave a bad impression. This is no exception when it comes to some of the sets streamed on the […]

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The Coronet In London Bans House Events Due To A Stabbing At The Club

Most people have the heard the old parental saying, “it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.” It seemsLondon house and urban music lovers will have their fun and games cut shorter at The Coronet due to an unfortunate stabbing early yesterday. During a party at House of Silk, fifteen or so patrons were engaged […]

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Afrojack: “I’m Not EDM”

In an interview with Asian Age published yesterday, this year’s #8 DJ stated “I’m not EDM.” Afrojack has been an integral supporter and pioneer in the Dirty Dutch scene nearly since its inception, but his public persona has been marred in recent years due to wild stunts and antics, not to mention lackluster releases. And it has […]

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