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Insomniac Has Generated More Than $3 Billion For The US Economy In The Past 5 Years

We always talk about how much money festivals are injecting into city and state economies after they’re gone. The issue arises from the massive amount of infrastructure that most festivals require to operate effectively, including transportation, lodging, and venue. If the city isn’t raising money from these projects, there’s less incentive to host them. What […]

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Diplo Claims EDM Was Just A Marketing Tool

Facebook is Diplo’s drug of choice when it comes to sharing poignant thoughts about the state of dance music. The many interviews he’s been through have been quite informative already, but in an additional strive, Mr. Thomas Pentz took to his page to drop a blurb about EDM being a marketing scheme and finally dissipating […]

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Is Pioneer Going To Launch Its Own DJ Software?

Pioneer has raised DJ eyebrows with a short teaser video suggesting it may be about to add some new features to Rekordbox. Right now Rekordbox acts as a tool for track organisation, ideal for preparing DJ sets, but the video tells us to ready ourselves for “new performance horizons”. What we see in the video […]

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Worlds Apart: BBC Radio 1’s Benji B On The Real Difference Between UK And US Clubbing

“Special Relationship” isn’t just a label for the cute friend you go home with sometimes. Presidents and prime ministers have referred to US-UK ties as such since the end of World War II. The Anglo-American connection is just as strong for club kids, especially those living in the dance music capitals of London and New […]

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Dan Bilzerian Drops Hundreds Of Thousands On His Own Private Festival Experience

So let’s ballpark for a second – how much is the average VIP ticket to a major festival? Somewhere between $350-$750 right? That usually includes better viewing privileges and easier entry into the festival, among other smaller amenities awarded at the festival’s discretion. However, what if you wanted a a better VIP experience? And what […]

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Techno Viking Recalls 4-day Speed Bender During Legendary Video

Knowing it was Berlin circa 2000 and hearing the banging music in the video, this may not come as a surprise, but the man who gained worldwide internet fame as ‘Techno Viking’ was not exactly sober when the infamous footage was shot. Actually, he was on a major heater. The website Waterford Whispers News was […]

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Grandmaster Flash Has Lost Three Crates Of Vinyl

Grandmaster Flash seems to be having a bit of a nightmare this week: following earlier reports of the hip hop star’s ‘car park mix up’ – where a valet had seemingly handed over the keys of the car to a man who “looked similar”- it now appears that the stolen ride in question was also […]

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SoundCloud Confirms Paid Subscription Service On The Way

SoundCloud has confirmed rumours of a forthcoming subscription service. The streaming platform’s plan for monetization has been the subject of industry-wide speculation for months, particularly after Sony started pulling its tracks from SoundCloud. A leaked contract last month hinted at a new tiered listening system, and now SoundCloud chief technology officer Eric Wahlforss has confirmed […]

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