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New Study Reveals How EDM Culture Has Been Shaped By The Internet

Eventbrite has just released their latest in a series of informational studies directed at the music consuming habits of our younger generations, this time as an update to a previous look at participants’ listening tendencies and live show attendance. “From Stream to Ticket: Mapping the Value of Music Discovery” delves into statistics that cover the […]

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Watch: How Many Wack DJs Do You Know?

Everybody is a DJ these days – if nothing else, all the celebrity DJs touring right now underscores that. But generally, when something becomes too popular, the quality level of that fad is lowered – a lot. By attending any number of EDM festivals (or plenty of house parties or local clubs) you can pretty […]

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Seth Troxler To Feed The Homeless At ADE

Seth Troxler is linking up with 10,000 HOURS, ADE and De Regenboog Group to provide a three-course meal for 75 homeless people in the Dutch capital on October 14. “People shouldn’t be hungry,” declared the Tuskegee boss. Chef Troxler is well known for his cooking prowess. He opened American BBQ-themed pop-up restaurant Smokey Tails in […]

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TomorrowWorld Announces Documentary, ‘This Was Tomorrow’

While the horrors of TomorrowWorld (for some people at least) are still very much fresh in people’s minds, their Belgian sister festival Tomorrowland has just announced the release of its full-length documentary This Was Tomorrow. Tomorrowland recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and 2015 marked the first time ever that the festival (and its sister festivals) took place on […]

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Moog To Cease Minimoog Voyager Synth Production

After 13 years, Moog has revealed that it will cease production of its beloved Minimoog Voyager synth. Launched in 2002, the Voyager is renowned for being both the last synthesizer that founder Bob Moog designer “from start to finish,” and also signaling “the rebirth of Moog Music, and the re-emergence of the analog synthesizer as a […]

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Google Just Changed The Audio Streaming Game With This Affordable Device

Google changed the way everything was streamed conveniently from people’s mobile devices wirelessly to their video displays with Chromecast. Now. There’s Chromecast 2 and the brand newChromecast Audio. Think of it as just streaming the audio portion of the original device and turning your speakers (junky or not) into a wifi powered, soon to be […]

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Powell Put Steve Albini’s Anti-Dance Music Rant On A London Billboard

“I am absolutely the wrong audience for this kind of music,” veteran producer and recording engineer Steve Albini replied, when talented producer/Diagonal boss Powell contacted him to request the use of a vocal sample on his upcoming “Insomniac,” for XL Recordings. “I’ve always detested mechanized dance music, its stupid simplicity, the clubs where it was played, […]

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An East Coast Coachella? AEG Live Eyes Queens For Panorama Festival

There’s a potential new festival touching down in Queens as early as next summer. “Coachella could be coming to Queens” reports the always hyperbolic Daily News — and that’s not entirely true or feasible. Sure, the concept of an “East Coast Coachella” sounds great, but the idyllic Palm Springs weather and polo club are impossible […]

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